Saturday, 26 September 2009


I was up and about this morning long before the Sun was awake, as I wanted an early start down to Land's End for a few hours birding. On arrival at around 07.20am met up with two birding pals Mark and Paul and set off in hunt for a Melodious Warbler a scarce Autum Migrant which Mark had seen the previous day. The weather was dull and overcast, but not a breath of wind which is very unusual for this area, after searching for an hour  it was located in a clump of Sallows tho very elusive. After a brief glimpse it flew off into another group of trees in a private garden with no access. So it was decided to take a walk along the cycle track towards Sennen, again all was quiet except for a few flocks of Pipits flying over and distant views of Kestral and Sparrowhawk. So again it was back to the Sallows for the Melodious which was relocated after about 10 minutes. It was still not close enough for good photo's but managed to get a few the best of which I have included below, again they have been heavily cropped and are really only record shots.

After spending 20 mins with this bird someone had a call to say that a Rustic Bunting had been located along the cycle track, now this is a real rareity so everyone set off in that direction. To cut the story short it was not relocated after an extensive search so just hope it stays around for another day. Still while looking for this we did get another scarce migrant a Richard's Pipit was seen flying around the area. So after a quiet start it turned out to be a very good morning. Also had the added bonus of bumping into JR & Sue for a short chat.


  1. Monty,well done mate.
    Excellent Melodious Shots,we had short views but were very happy with the out come.
    Nice bumping into you.
    Cya soon.

  2. Cracking photo of the melodious, hope to see you around sometime.

  3. Great shots and really nice blog .. Happy birding

  4. Nice one, the strange thing is looking at the lichen on the trees, too hot here for any of that not even moss grows here. and we know how much of our British wildlife depends on it. at the moment we are inundated with grasshoppers and crickets.
    the birds seem to leave them alone. as there is so many tiny butterflies around. at this moment with the neon light on the zapper its drawing all these tiny moths on the balcony door window.

  5. Well I'm going to be completely honest and say I have never heard of a Melodious Warbler but you have some brilliant captures of it, very well done and sorry for my ignorance!!

  6. Nothing wrong with those photographs Monty. Well done.