Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Up before the Lark this morning As the forcast promised a fine day,so I was out of the house just before daybreak. The plan was to catch up on some wintering visitors for the year list. First port of call was to a reservoir that I ment to have included in my last post, this is Argal Reservoir near Falmouth and is located about 4 miles East of Stithians. I think this is the most beautiful Res in our area and is not visited enough, although there is a path around the perimeter. So on arrival I took the record shot below for the Blog, and then it was down to business and I soon located what I had come to see, which was a pair of Goosanders, This was quickly followed by another year tick a Great Crested Grebe. Sorry to say these were all to far away for Photographs.


After this I carried on to my next port of call which I will come to later, but first I will post some of the birds from today and over last weekend.

Above is a Bar Tailed Godwit taken at Hayle Estuary on the left, and on the right is a Coot taken at Stithians.

The two frames above we taken this morning at Loe Beach, on the left is a male Blackbird, and on the right a beautiful little Goldcrest which is one of our smallest birds.

The Little Grebe above left was taken at Stithians, and the Meadow Pipit at Loe Beach this morning.

Next two above were both taken a Loe Beach, on the left is a Rock Pipit and on the right is the almost obligatory Robin.

Finally lets get to my last port of call Loe Beach on the River Fal, The beauty of this place never fails to impress me, and I am sure many others alike. The reason coming here was to catch up with some wintering coastal birds, namely Black Necked Grebes, Red Breasted Mergansers and Common Scoter which spend the winter on the river area known as Carrack Roads, so was I lucky? Yes indeed I saw all three species and had the added bonus of 2 Black Throated Divers and the Goldcrest as well as 2 Common Sandpipers. Sadly these were all to far for Photos except the Goldcrest, as I needed the scope to pick out all the birds on the river. So after a glorious mornings birding I leave you with the final image LOE BEACH on the river Fal.



  1. Thanks for the insight to these two locations and you picked up some good sightings with the BT Divers, Common Sand etc.
    Could be drier here tomorrow so will try to get out somewhere to add to the year list if possible. FAB.

  2. I'm learning quite a bit with your wonderful bird pictures...very enjoyable.
    Sunny :)

  3. Lovely photos again Monty and what a great day out. I loved the Pipits and the very 'arty' Coot photo :) I would love to see a Goldcrest!

  4. Fantastic series of Great shots !! Beautiful Blog you have here !

  5. Nice shots Monts. It has been a long while since I last went to Loe Beach..maybe it is time for another visit.

  6. That's a great Coot Monty.
    Do you ever go to College res just down the valley from Argal? When I lived in Penryn this was my favourite res. It's smaller, shallower and more intimate than Argal or Stithians. There have been some great waders here in the past. Least and Pec sands, L B dowitcher and I've had Spotted sand there twice. There have been other good birds like Purple heron. The woodland around it is good for Marsh tit and also Firecrest in the winter. Happy hunting.