Thursday, 7 January 2010


Awoke yesterday morning to a light dusting of snow (Guess we were lucky ) and a hard frost, so decided to go for a walk along the Tresavean Tramway.So on with the walking boots and some warm clothing and off we go.

First it was through the village and into Rough Street,This is part of an ancient pilgrimage route from Gwennap to St Micheals Mount twenty miles away.It was then under the small arched bridge built to carry the tramway, and then onto the tram.

Once on the level the walking became very pleasent, stopping to take a couple of scenes I had done previously and how different they look with a bit of snow on the ground.

On the open sections the strong North wind was really pushing the chill factor up, and I was glad for the extra layer of clothing, but I did get some nice views over the village and Carn Marth.
On the wildlife side very little was moving, just a few Blackbirds and Thrushes and the odd few Finches.

So finally it was back down past the old mine workings a short walk up through the village and into the house for a nice hot cup of Coffee, and to reflect on a lovely refreshing walk.


  1. You don't see snow in Cornwall too often, it really looks lovely.
    I remember years ago, when it snowed in St.Austell and my Dad with his camera taking pictures.
    Stay warm.
    Sunny :)

  2. Only a light dusting...lucky you. I think there are more birds in the garden Monty but the clarity in the landscape is just brilliant in these conditions. Good to get fresh air in the lungs.

  3. Sounds like a good walk Monts, I am trying to balance work and the hobby and all I want to do is the hobby, birding and photography. Apparently it is minus 38 in Montana.