Sunday, 24 May 2009


Buller Downs is an area on the top of Lanner hill overlooking the town of Redruth and along the North Coast.It is cris crossed with old railway lines that used to take the tin from mines in the area to Portreath where it was shipped to smelting works around the UK. This is where I was born and lived until my mid Twenties.So this morning I took a walk along Buller Downs, and the following images show the area and some of the birds I found

The Top image is part of Buller Downs and the building on the left is the Old Mining Count House.

Image Two is one of the old Engine Houses that are scattered all over the area.

Image Three is looking across Redruth with St Agnes Beacon in the Distance.

Images Four and Five are a Song Thrush Enjoying a sunny morning.

Image Six is another view across Redruth

Image Seven and Eight are Linnets in full breeding mode.

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