Friday, 29 May 2009


Well here I am back in the land of Bloggers,Managed to get all my work done this week. Putting the shack back together(That's what we Hams call our Radio Room)found a problem getting onto the Internet. Turns out I had a conflict between Internet explorer and my wireless remote, took two days to find it fix it
Anyway on with the post, I was sitting in the garden yesterday and noticed a fly on one of my Rose Bushes, so rushing indoors and grabbing my G10 I proceeded to take a few shots.
Next I noticed some Worker Ants on the leaves, and not one to resist a challenge as these move very quickly shot of some more frames.
I thought that was pushing things a bit as they are quite small, that was until I noticed some Greenfly Aphids on a leaf, so in for a penny in for a pound I took a few more shots to see what I could get.
Finally sad case that I am I started to photograph Rain Drops on Rose Leaves.So Below are the results of my endeavours, and all the shots are Handheld in Macro Mode.
The greenfly is heavily cropped, as I could not believe it when I loaded it on to the PC.

The Fly 1

The Fly 2

Worker Ant.

Worker Ant.

Greenfly giving birth with newly born young around.

Raindrops on Rose Leaf.

Finally I would like to say welcome to Stephen Baird who picked up on the Blog ,Thanks for looking and I think you also have a great Blog going.

So from one Grand Daddyo to another many thanks and welcome.


  1. Welcome back Monty,what a great introduction.
    Love your Macro Images, raindrops outstanding shot.
    Also thank you once again for the information on Moth Trapping. I decided to buy rather then make my own.
    Many thanks.

  2. Really interesting stuff Monty. I enjoy that little extra knowledge that I gain from reading them. Top stuff.

  3. Greenfly image is superb. Good depth and detail for such a miniscule subject.