Monday, 11 May 2009


A quiet Sunday afternoon lazily soaring on the thermals rising out of the valley was heaven for three Common Buzzards life just seemed Fabulous. Suddenly out of the heavens a black projectile hurtled amongst them, with great screeching all three scattered could the calls have been "RAVEN" "RAVEN" for this is what the projectile was, and deciding the Buzzards were to close to its territory set about seeing them off. Two had already gone a short distance away, but this Light Morph specimen decided to try and brave it out. What followed was 15 minutes of aerobatics that was a delight to watch. Having seen off the first Buzzard there was one that was still a bit to close, but one pass was enough to see it off as the last shot shows.


  1. Hi Monty.
    Great display capture, I wish I could do the same, but that's Sues department.Sorry about Saturday at Ryans field,hope we bump into each other soon,maybe talk Moths.