Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Last Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting the Three Warblers at St Gothian Sands.This trio are not in direct competition with the Three Tenors, although two of them can hold an excellent tune in their own right.Direct from the African Continent and after a short rest, the performance they gave was indeed beauty to behold. First up was the Whitethroat, very distinguished grey top, spotless white cravat and a song so pure it made the hairs stand on the back of my neck.
The Whitethroat

A little further along was the Sedge Warbler, perched on his stage and singing as if his tiny lungs would burst. This is the extrovert of the trio streaked highlights in his hair and side streaks of golden sand makes him a real hit with the ladies a unique part of his act was to take short flight and flutter down to the next shrub. This action probably made many a female Sedge Warbler's heart flutter.

The Sedge Warbler.

Finally we come to the shy one of the trio The Reed Warbler, this little fellow shuns the spotlight and stays hidden in the background, giving off soft backing vocals for its two colleagues. His attire is more modest and with a twinkle in his eye sure to be a hit with the females of the species.
The Reed Warbler.
So folks there we have the Three warblers, and Spring would be a much duller season if we did not have these guy's giving open air concerts.


  1. Great set of images, you beat me to it.
    I have started to photograph Butterflys but unless its a Cabbage White I haven't a clue.Any chance I can occasionally pick your brains.

  2. Hi Monts, my comment didn't publish so I will have another go.
    Great Warbler shots, you beat me to it. Hope to see you in the field again some time.

  3. Great Images Monty and great Blog.