Sunday, 24 May 2009


Finally got to set the Moth Trap last night, so up early this morning and not a Moth to be seen. I did however trap five large Cockchafer beetles Or May Bugs as we call then here. These guys are around 2 cms long and are really awesome insects to look at. So you can make up your own mind with the following Four images Also just to let you know this will be my last Post for a few days, As I have a week off and need to catch up on some decorating especially the computer room, so hope to post again later in the week.


  1. Hi Monty - the last posted macro image is a beauty. Focus is perfect on the eyes and exposure spot on. Good luck with the painting...lucky you!

  2. Monty love your Cockchafer shots.
    Good news time,my moth trap should arrive next week, so watch this space.
    Thank You for your great advice and time.
    Hope to see you soon out and about.
    John and Sue.