Tuesday, 14 July 2009


About 1/4 mile north of the village of Madron Penzance on the road to Morvah, a small junction on the right has a brown place of interest sign "Boswarthan Celtic Church and Well". About 20 yards in turn right into a small unpaved carpark. In the right hand corner you will see a small track leading through a copsed area,after a few hundred yards you will come to Madron Well
(which I will feature another time), a short distance along from here you will find Madron Baptistry.

Dating from around the 14th century, although the foundations are thought to be earlier, this small Celtic Chapel measures 7 m X 5 m and its presumed it had no roof. Along the sides are the stone seats, and at the eastern end is a low granite alter. In the South Western corner is a stone well basin where water from Madron Well flows in. This water was thought to contain healing properties. A visit to this site is a humbling experience with an air of reverence, peace and tranquility.

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