Sunday, 19 July 2009


Made a rare visit to Stithians Res this morning,as I thought I would see what was happening with the common Species , and if any early migrants had turned up. I started off in the hide on the main Res and had a lot of common stuff. I then walked to the hide on the Southern Cutoff and was rewarded with definitely 10 and possibly 12 Jays. This is a really good count of this species in this habitat. Next Simon Taylor the Warden turned up to replenish the feeders, so we had a chat for a while, and seeing all the activity said he would leave it an hour before doing the restocking. I commented on all the new feeder setup he had installed. He commented that he had been having some problems with a Thief and felt he was fighting a losing battle .So what was the trouble he was having........................?
Below is a selection of this mornings Bird sightings and then read on !!


Many years ago on British Television there was a personality that took the country by storm. Everyone from Children to Grannies would tune in to see this Star,around this time was a young lad called Simon Taylor who possibly shared this interest, but little did he realize that later in life he would come up against a relative of " ROLAND THE RAT " Simon was a very caring person with a love of nature, so a couple of years ago he took up the warden ship of Stithians Reservior.One of his ambitions was to set up feeders near the hides to attract Birds for people to view and photograph. This proved very popular and people came from far and wide to see this attraction. To bring things up to date after Simon left the hide this morning. I was photographing the Jays when I spotted the scenario pictured below. I would loved to have called the culprit ROLAND but after studying it I think its a female so I gave it the name of YOLANDE, and it did make it safely back into the trees.

PS Sorry about the image quality but low light, slow shutter speed, and movement do not make for good photography


  1. Battle of the Wills. There will only be one winner and it wont be Ratty!!!...

    Nice article Monts and good to see you again.

  2. Monty,well done. Now we know who the culpit is.