Sunday, 12 July 2009


Paid a visit to Hayle Estuary this morning, First stop was to the hide on Ryans Field. Not to much to see except some adult Mediterranean Gulls that were still in breeding plumage. So Walked across to the Causeway to get a bit closer, but still to far away for a good shot. In the group of gulls it is the one on the left with a black head and thicker Bill. Took a few pics of other birds, and these are named when the images are enlarged. Then it was back to Ryans Field and in front of the hide was the flower pictured which is a Pyramidal Orchid. Also had a few Gatekeeper Butterflies flitting around so have put up a couple of pic of them. After that a few local Birders turned up so had a chat to them, and finally made my way back home as I had a few chores to do.


  1. Monty are you following us or are we following you. Well done on the Med Gull, we couldn't find any. Love the Cormorant. Great selection of shots. John and Sue.

  2. Well done Monts. I saw the adult Med Gulls today and they were stunning. Steve