Monday, 3 May 2010


Up at 4am this morning ,and my pal Mark and I were on the road just after 5am for the drive up to Boscastle in the North of the County, reason for the trip was to see the White Throated Sparrow that had turned up a couple of days ago. Arrived just after 6am with a really cold North wind coming off the sea, the resident who's garden the bird was in came to say hello and informed us that it was seen the night before at 7pm and that normally it was singing by 6 in the morning. So we settled in (And boy was I glad I'd made that flask of Coffee ) for the anticipated lifer. Four hours later  no singing or sightings seen or heard and with a few others turning up we decided to call it a day and head back home.

The good side of the morning was that I meet Angie and Trevor from A&T Birding Blog, It was a pleasure to meet you both and have a short chat.

So hope you all had a great Mayday Holiday and I leave you with what I saw this morning at beautiful Boscastle.

If you would like to see some fantastic images of this Americam Visitor, go to JR and Sues blog site at or follow the link on the left in My Favourites.


  1. Oh dear!! What a disappointment. I have just looked at it on swopticsphoto. A very pretty little bird.

  2. I have to tell you that I'm sorry you didn't see the White Throated Sparrow but your post gave me a good laugh.
    Sunny :)

  3. It was good to meet you at last Monty. Ces't la vie! It was flippin cold there. No wonder it decided to move on! Hope to see you soon. A