Saturday, 8 May 2010


Friday 07/05/2010.
Location Marazion.
WX Cloudy/ Sunny intervals.
Wind Northerly. Force 4-5.

Paid a visit to Marazion yesterday morning,  weather still not very warm but at least it was dry and bright. Parked the car along the beach wall and the first person I met was Dave Parker, had a quick chat and he said there was nothing of note around. So I had a quick look on the Marsh and just the usual  common stuff around. I decided to walk towards the Eastern end of the reserve
and onto the field leading through margins, halfway along I heard the lovely song of a Sedge Warbler one of our Summer visitors. I located the bird perched on top of a Bramble Bush and moved quietly towards it, that's right it flew up and flew to the far side of the bush out of sight. So I positioned myself with the Sun behind me, and sure enough after a few minutes it popped back onto its perch and started to sing. I spent about 25 mins photographing it and it soon got used to my presence and I took shots at random. I then heard the loud reverberating song of a Cetti's Warbler in a thicket a little further along, now here was another bird I would like to get some images of but these are very secretive and normally stay low and hidden. I got myself in a good position close to the spot and it was still singing, suddenly it popped up and I fired the shot             " nothing" oh no my batteries cannot have ran out as I only charged them the night before. Anyway it would not work so I gave up and headed home, on one hand I was very happy and on the other felt disappointed.  Upon taking the battery grip apart I discovered that some of the contacts had flattened over time, a quick twitch with a small screwdriver soon had them back in place and now its fine (you learn something new everyday). So here are a few images of yesterday's songster .



  1. Lovely shots from your description it sounds like you were in the same area where i took some photos of possibly the same bird however your mages are much clearer than mine.

  2. What a shame about the Cetti's! Really beautiful shots of the Sedge Warbler though, Monty. I love the ones of it singing, nothing better than the sight and sound of a little bird singing its heart out :)

  3. Cracking shots Monty. I love to see them singing. Beautiful!

  4. Monts- couldnt find your e-mail address.


    Nice to catch up this morning....

  5. Great set of photos Monty.

  6. Cool shots Monty. Well done!!