Monday, 10 May 2010


Sunday 09/05/2010.
Location Stithians Res.
WX Dry / Cloudy.
Wind N/E Force 5.
Temp With WCF (Wind Chill Factor) +8c.

Paid a long overdue visit to Stithians Res this morning arriving at 7am and it was pretty darn cold, glad I put the warm coat on. Anyway water levels are still very high and not good for passage waders, although Simon the warden had Dunlin and Little Stint the previous day. A quick look from the main hide produced very little except for two Great Crested Grebes, 1 Cuckoo, 5 Cormorant and a few Gulls, I was then joined by the warden Simon Taylor (Not a bad lad for an Englishman)!!!  (joke) and he gave me some good news. Simon is reinstating his Stithians blog (Hooray) For that,  it is an excellent blog of life on the res but was the victim of its own success as the input and images from all the visitors left Simon with hardly any spare time to himself " So take it easy this time Boy". So I will say to everyone pay a visit to his blog at  as its worth a look.

So back to business, we then went over to the hide on the Southern Cutoff and Simon topped up the feeders and whilst doing so he shouted for me to look out of the main window, and there were the resident Swans coming for a meal with their 3 Cygnets in tow.
So spent the next 10 mins getting some shots, and Simon said it was only their second day on the water. So hope you enjoy the images below and join me in wishing them a successful upbringing.



Finally I would like to welcome Sarita and Claudia to the blog thanks for looking and following and I hope you enjoy it.