Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Took a couple of walks across Buller Downs on Monday and Tuesday Morning, this is fast becoming a favourite place for me as the photo opportunities are very good. Another factor is that every time I hear and get distant views of a Cuckoo which I would like to Photograph, but these are very flighty birds and are off at the first sign of me. So on Tuesday morning with a lot of Sea Mist coming in from the coast, I could hear it calling further along the lane, so decided to just move quietly along when Whoosh a bird went past me at shoulder height about four feet away. Another Cuckoo heading in the direction of the calling one, and it landed  fifty feet away in the bottom of a gorse bush for about five seconds so did I get it well!!!

Also this week I managed to get the Moth trap out for the first time, but very little to show not surprising really as I have now lost the large Sycamore at the back of the house, The farmer had it cut down as it was becoming a bit of a hazard. So here are a few images from the last couple of days.


I just had four of these in the Moth Trap with a Garden Carpet which flew away.


So here is the best shot I could get of the second Cuckoo when the mist cleared for a while and it was on a post on the far side of a field.



About fifty yards past the Cuckoo the mist closed in again and just caught this Fox as it scurried away and stopped to make sure what I was. He (I'm sure it was a dog Fox) was about 30 feet away and almost hidden by the fog.




As you can see all the clear images were taken on Monday in much better conditions.


  1. Lovely photos again, Monty and it was nice to see the moody photo of the Cuckoo. I still haven't even heard one this year and if I remember rightly it is three years since I did, such a shame, they used to be such a common sight and sound round here. Linnets and Whitethroats continue to elude me but yours have posed beautifully.

    Lovely photos of the Stonechat on the previous post, we don't see them in this area :(

    I also liked the 'High Key' Gull, I struggle with the technicalities of photography myself, having only really used a 'serious' camera for the last year or so but thought that was a beautiful effect and looked to me like a delicate water colour painting.

  2. Lovely shot of the Cuckoo i'm jealous,when i went to Men An Tol at the weekend i heard one or two and may have briefly seen one on a telephone wire but too far to photograph i may check out Buller Downs next time i'm down.Anthony

  3. None of the Cuckoos I've seen have perched for me yet so well done capturing its typical pose.
    I bet the Fox didn't need any aid to keep an eye on you through the fog!

  4. Good shot of the Cuckoo, they are always very distant so well done.
    Also well done on the Fox, they are so quick!

  5. Wonderful images, as always. I love the fox in the mist, it reminds me of a painting my Grandmother had.
    ☼ Sunny

  6. Lovely shots Monty - Ahh those foggy Cornish mornings

  7. Lovely set of shots Monts. The mikst adds atmosphere to the images.