Tuesday, 25 May 2010


This was originally intended to be the post for Sunday, but a certain Squacco Heron at Par put paid to that idea. With the weather warming up over the last week everything has started to come to life, so time to dust off the Macro lens and start poking around in the undergrowth to look for the little things that reside there.
So this selection of images are from the last week, and hope there will be many more to follow over the coming months.

Finally this lovely shaped little plant (its only 10mm across) has been on my garden wall for years,and I cannot identify it from any books. I think it must be an Alpine variety so maybe someone knows and can solve the mystery.


  1. Hi Monty, I'm all behind again due to computer and other probs :( and have just found the fabulous photos of the Squacco Heron. What a great sighting! Needless to say, I had never even heard of it but would love to have been there.

    Great macro photos here too, it is amazing how much detail we miss with the naked eye. Even the tiniest insect is fascinating and for me, usually poses an ID challenge. Beautiful work, Monty. When I have more time I will try and hunt down an Id for your pretty little plant although if you have had no luck...!

  2. A lovely selection there Monty.

  3. Great macro work Monty....something I have never attemped to date.

  4. A wonderful array of macros!