Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Answer to the title question 6 1/2 hours, or between 5 and 6 miles. that is how long it took to pin this elusive customer down on Sunday, and not a decent picture to show for it. The hunt started at Bartinney Downs St Just at 06.30am, up to the area where the bird was seen on Carn Brea, on a beautiful frosty morning. So we searched the area along with a good number of other birders until 11.30, in this time only a brief distant sighting was recorded by another couple. At this point it was decided to call it a day, and make the long trek back to the car park. About two minutes after arriving another birder Royston from Truro had his scope still set up and looked back up the hill, what followed are as I remember were his exact words. "There is a bloke in the field near the top scoping something in the far hedge, now he's waving to other people up there. he's only gone and found the bloody thing". About 30 seconds later mobile phones started ringing all around as the message was passed down.So it was pick up all the gear and make the trek back up for what turned out to be Five minutes of great but distant viewing of this rare visitor to our shore's. Next it flew off to the top we followed it but only had another 30 second view. So finished a frustrating but memorable morning. Did get a couple of other pics while we were searching and have posted them below.

First shot of a Chiffchaff this year

Linnet looked beautiful in the Spring Sunshine

Even the humble Dandilion put on it's best face for Spring

Finally may I say greetings To Nancy Who found the Blog. Thanks for the nice comment and hope you continue to enjoy it.


  1. Well done Monty,pleased you ticked the G.S.Cuckoo.

  2. Great Monty...better luck than we had on Sunday.

  3. Nice to see you on Sunday.
    We were very lucky to spot the Cuckoo, We nearly missed it.