Monday, 13 April 2009


Sitting here on Easter Monday with the rain pouring down outside, who would have thought this change in the weather after Saturday & Sunday. The two days gave us fabulous clear blue skies and warm spring sunshine, with visibility so clear you could see for miles. In true fashion Mother Nature responded with a floral show that was absolutely stunning. It has been many years since I have seen such a profusion of colour, in fact I wondered if the cold winter we had this year held everything in check so regrowth all started at the same time, as in my younger days. Blackthorns filled the hedgerows with their resplendent white blooms. On open spaces and hedgerows the thick yellow colours of Gorse Bushes blazed across the landscape. Even the Bullrushes in the marshes took on a beautiful if disheveled appearance after being stripped of their seeds by Hungary birds.It truly has been a honour and pleasure to witness this auspicious event. I will let the beauty of the images speak for themselves as words cannot do it justice.
As a footnote I am still experiencing problems with editing my settings and a pop up may occur when you open the Blog. I have tried numerous things to correct this from resetting the system back two month's and resetting options in my security settings. So far I have not had any success and am running out of idea's. One final straw could be to delete this Blog and start a new one, I do not want to do this as I will lose all posts and information in my archive. So if I have to do this please bear with me when the new one becomes established


  1. Luckily I have pop up blocker, but it did try. So sorry to hear your having problems. they can be SO frustrating! Beautiful blooms on the flowers alway wonderful to see the world transforming for spring!

  2. Hi Monts,
    It was nice to meet you on Saturday.Great set of photo's,where is the spotted wood.I hope you get your blog sorted.