Thursday, 23 April 2009


Hmmm a warm breeze blows in off the Atlantic sitting here in the early evening sun, smelling the salt air and sitting on a log washed up by the tide. This is the seaward side of Godrevy looking towards Hayle and when the tide is out there is three miles of Golden Sands to stroll along. My mind starts to drift back to the lazy days of the Sixtes spending many days and hours here, swimming, playing football or just hanging around with friends. Or was it the odd occasion when we would all meet up after dark, build a bonfire from driftwood and just chill out laughing and joking around.Ok back to the reality of the 21st century, but a least the view's still the same. Came here to check out the small nesting site of some Sand Martins burrowed into the soft sand of the cliff face. yes they are in residence but hard to get a shot of them moving around with a compact camera.
Instead my lens tracks a surfer riding the small but long curls of the evening tide, don't these small lightweight boards look good moving around this way and that with the young man balancing delicately to every move.
So after a good hour or so of great fun its time for this lad to stroll wearily through the surf, wet a little tired maybe but very very happy.
PS I may not have time for another post this weekend, as I am operating my Ham Radio from the small Marconi museum at Bass Point on the Lizard Peninsula as part of the International Marconi Day celebrations.
So hope you all have a pleasant weekend , and See you soon.

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