Saturday, 11 April 2009


Sorry if this post is boring to most people, but it is in answer to JR & SUE'S comment from last night. So Here go's, my moth trap is a home built contraption on a fairly small scale, on good night's the maximum number is around fifty to sixty moths I find this number not to large to get through compared with the hundred's that commercial units attract, and at a fraction of the cost. Components 1 twin tube 12v emergency power unit (Found mine at Warrior Discounts at Tuckingmill £13) 2 Changed tubes for 2 x atinic black from Western Electrical at Threemilestone £4 each. 3 Plastic storage bin lucky we use em at work (freebie) to buy a couple of quid. 4 10 amp hour lead free battery + charger from Truro Batteries Threemilestone. Be sure to use correct charger. 5 Small waterproof plastic box make G WIZZ also can be obtained from Western Electrical ( got mine from work) 6 finally 2 pieces of plastic sheet from DIY cut to fit at angles to form open V in storage box, with broken egg cartons in the bottom. I drilled a small hole in the light and fitted a 2way micro switch which was wired up so I could run from the internal 4 amp hr battery for general and switch to the external one for mothing. Drill Storage box and G WIZZ box and attach them together, this makes the unit totally portable. Ok John hope this is of some help to you, have posted pic below. Also included pic of ID book I use Obtained this from Ottekers in Truro
Finally greetings to Clarke who visited the Blog, thanks for the comment and will try to furnish enough Fodder to keep you and everyone else interested.

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  1. Monty thank you for your plan which looks great. I think I could reproduce or similar to your directions, fingers crossed. I see you have attracted large numbers with this method.
    Which is fantastic,once again thank you very much I owe you one.