Sunday, 11 January 2009


After a couple of mornings out birding, I did not get any new images worth putting on the blog.Everything was to far away and mostly dull weather, so I have reverted to a couple of pics from my photo bank.
this is The Common Buzzard and its the largest native Bird of Prey in our county,and can be found in most environments. The Left Picture was taken two weeks ago at a place called Towednack near St Ives.
The right picture was taken at Goonhilly Downs last summer when we went to see a rare visitor the Honey Buzzard.
I spent this morning in the Towednack area doing a 2km walk up over a muddy Moor looking for a rare Snowy Owl which has been there for about three weeks as I wanted to add it to my year list. but due to very high winds it was probably keeping low or had decided to move on.
But I saw it twice before Christmas and as it was the first one in the county since 1948 I consider myself very lucky.

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