Sunday, 18 January 2009


So that's the end of a great morning,finishing at about 10.45 am with the wind increasing up to 35mph. Here is one final pic of St Micheals Mount just to show that the sun's not shining here all the time.
PS Welcome to Mark50d, I looked at your thumbnail Mark and saw XH558 Serial No of the AVRO VULCAN so jumped onto your Flickr site and must say some great photo's there. Used to do the airshow circuit's a few years ago myself,aircraft folder is around 1,00o.
So anyone wanting to look at a varied selection of great images,log onto Marks site.
PPS So Saturday was spent trying to edit 400+pics, then had a problem with my internet connection,and finally on saturday night about to update the blog with 70-80 mph winds outside had a big thunderstorm
so shut everything down and went to bed. (End of a pretty eventfull day).

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