Monday, 19 January 2009


Today's photo offerings are of warmer times,and hope it makes everyone in the Northern Hemisphere forget the winter days,for everyone in the Southern Hemisphere sorry I don't have any snow shots to cool you down. The two photos are of the Lizard area the most southerly point in the UK. Shot 1 on the left shows Lizard Point and the Lighthouse, it was taken from across the bay at Bass Point, and the stretch of water is Housel Bay.
The right shot is around the headland from Lizard Point and shows the Kynance Cliffs Leading to Kynance Cove a very popular beauty spot.
The area is also famous for the early radio experiments carried out by Marconi ,and just along the coast at Poldu Cove is the spot where the first radio transmission across the Atlantic took place to Cabot Tower in St Johns Newfoundland

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