Saturday, 24 January 2009


So it was an early start this morning up AT 5am and left home a 6am to go with my two birding friends, up to the next County Devon to try and find a new species for me.The bird we were looking for was a Penduline Tit a Rare visitor to this area. So after a 1 1/2 hr drive we arrived in the Torbay area where the bird had been seen. After a short muddy walk to the small lake in the area one of my friends spotted it almost right away.
So we spent two hours watching it from a distance, I must have taken 500 photo's even though it was quite small in the lens.
I have not processed these yet, If I get any good pic's I will post them tomorrow. So here are two images I took this morning, the left shot is a male Pochard which I think is a really nice bird.
The right image is of a Moorhen and I am pleased as I have been trying to get a really good shot for some time.

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