Tuesday, 27 January 2009


For tonight's subjects I have chosen The River Fal working boats, these boats fish the Oyster Beds which are located along the Fal.
Fal Oysters are very popular and well known, being exported to many countries.
When they are not working the boats and their crews relax at evenings and weekends during the summer month's, taking part in working boat races at the various Regatta's around the Fal. I think you will agree they make a splendid sight in beautiful surroundings.
I do not know the name of sail 54, but sail 32 is The Abigail Rose.
PS Greetings to Ann in Virginia USA, many thanks for the nice remarks, and glad you enjoy the blog.
Also welcome to Ian in Redruth thanks for the interest and following the proceedings. For anyone interested in some great Cornish views, look at Ian's web pages at Ian Lewis Photography on Flickr.

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