Sunday, 4 January 2009


Got up nice and Early this morning and drove to a place called Loe Beach on the River Fal to look for some overwintering birds.
The sun had risen about 30 mins earlier,so I think I missed a great sunrise , there was still enough early light, so I set up the camera to slightly under expose the image to give it a strong silhouette.
This streach of water is called The Carrick Roads and is the estuary where the River enters Into The English Channel.
The Shot on the right was taken a short time later and shows the river bank towards the Port of Falmouth.
During the summer all of the mooring bouys would be filled with boats, as this is a very popular launching point for water activites.
I still managed to see the birds, Black Necked Grebes/ Red Breasted Mergansers /Common Scoters and was also rewarded with two unexpected Velvet Scoters

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