Thursday, 19 February 2009


Today has been a very sad day for me, as I had to do a job that was not at all pleasant. At approx 11.30am this morning I had to give my trusty old Fuji Finepix 6900z the last rites,as it crackled off to that great camera home in the sky. It has been a faithful servant for the past 7 or 8 years, through many adventures both at home and abroad and I will miss it greatly. Buuuut life go's on and plans are already afoot for a worthy replacement (Will reveal all when it comes to fruition). Changing the subject I made a bloomer on my butterflies post, the Small Blue is not it's a Silver Studded Blue, so Many thanks to John Chapple for pointing this out to me. I must confess I am not an Expert on anything so I am always glad to learn.


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  2. Great Blog Monty.I'm about to post my collection of Moths, so I'm expecting name
    corrections,well I hope someone knows there moths species because I don,t.

  3. Sorry Monty, Just trying to say your Blog GGGreat.