Monday, 23 February 2009


Well thought it was time I got back and added another post to the Blog.
Not to good last week with a rotten cold and some family commitments at the weekend. On Saturday my birding pal Mark rang to see what was up for Sunday, said I did not mind so he said about going to Newlyn for the Glaucous Gull as he still needed to get some photo's of it.
We got there early on Sunday morning and looked around for 45 minutes before it turned up, what followed was 2 hours of great fun. At first the bird was landing on boats and we were able to get to within 1 1/2 metres of it. Then it obliged with some flight shots, at this point a fishing boat came into port and started to unload it's catch, so whit bits of food falling into the harbour a free for all took place, and as you can see it certainly held its own against the rest of the gulls.
Thing's happened fast and furious and some of the shots are not the sharpest due to the fast movements, but they do give a feel for what happened.
Finally Hi to Sam and Lisa had a look at your Blog and must say some great pics on there.

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