Friday, 27 February 2009


Well in the words of the Rock & Roll classic by Eddie Cochran " Its Friday Night And Everything's Right For The Weekend". So lets have a look forward to warmer days and loads of good Photographic oppertunites.
For the Post tonight a couple of different scenes showing that under the right conditions the new can look as beautiful as the old.
The Wind Turbines are at Chybucca Cross on the A30 and I just happened to be in the area when this beautiful sunrise took place.
The second picture is of Pendeen Watch on the north coast near Lands End, it really stood out on a wonderful sunny morning as we were coming back from seawatching.
Anyway the new camera arrived today so watch this space.
Finally to my very old friend Eddie in Heusden Belgium. Good to hear from e again boy,and greetings to all the family.Proper job and see e dreckly.


  1. We hope to do some seawatching at Pendeen later in the year....hope to see you about and gain some experience as we have virtually nil at seawatching. Hope you have a long lasting relationship with your new camera.

  2. I have always loved the contrast of modern wind farms against the natural English countryside, perhaps i would change my mind if it was a more common site.. but for now, love it! :)