Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Woke up this morning at 5.45am looked out of the window to see heavy snow falling.
So after breakfast it was the decision to try and get to work, so you may ask why. Well Lanner is located in a valley with hills about 200m high from North through West to South. Also to the east is rising ground, I call it the biggest hole in Cornwall. I have to drive to the west along the A393 to Redruth about 4km and up over Lanner Hill which is always the first place in the area to get blocked with stranded vehicles because of the steep incline.
Anyway made it after a bit of a struggle and arrived at work about 30mins late.
Ok on to the pics, I always have my trusty Fuji 6900Z with me and I took these two shot's From the Office window, On the Left is a shot of Carn Brea which is a local landmark. The shot on the right is looking out to the Atlantic Coast towards Portreath and the North Cliffs.

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  1. Another accolade for a Fuji standby. Nice shots