Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Another post coming up tonight(trying to make up for lost time). So for a change here's something different, a couple of small insects. First up is an aphid called greenfly and anyone who grows Roses will know all about this little critter, the image was taken about 20 years ago on Fuji slide film.So for the anoraks here go's. Camera Canon A1 semi pro, Canon bellows unit on monorail, up front Sigma 90mm Macro lens. Two small synchronized flash units on flexible arms.Tripod Benbo, this setup enabled me to Photograph up to ten times life size, lens was stopped down to f16, flash sync 1/60th sec for maximum depth of field. time to set up and photograph about 30mins.
Picture Two is of a Shield Bug species and my book states it to be a Squash Bug, taken last summer Camera Fuji Finepix 6900z, macro mode, time to set up and take shot 10 seconds, thank god for technology.
On a lighter note I have ordered my replacement for the Fuji, its another compact, so for a bit of fun what do you think I am getting, and what would you buy as a walkabout Camera. So go on have a guess and post a comment.
Mark Pascoe you are exempt as you already know.


  1. Enjoy looking at your blog, It's looking really good. I'm working on my moths etc at the moment and hoping to post when we get back from Aviemore, may need to pick your brains for 1 or 2 names. Sorry for any previous blank comments, think we have now got it sorted.