Saturday, 7 February 2009


The weather's much better this morning, with a few heavy hail showers passing through.
So it was off down to the fishing port of Newlyn to find two visiting Gulls that have been there for the past week.
The first two shot's show the harbour and some of the fishing fleet, this is the largest fishing port in Cornwall.
Image's three and four show two of the white winged gulls,these are normally bird,s of the Arctic regions, but some do find there way south during the winter months.
On the left is the Glaucous Gull and on the right is the Iceland Gull and as stated there is no black on the primaries.
Images five and six show the picturesque fishing village of Mousehole just along the coast from Newlyn.
It was here on a winter's night in the 1980's that the Lifeboat Solomon Brown who's crew came from the village put to sea in a ferocious storm to go to the aid of the cargo ship Union Star that had lost power and was drifting onto rocks along the coast, during the rescue both ships capsized from which there were no survivor's.
During the Christmas period the whole village, Harbour and the surrounding hills are festooned with a lighting display which attracts thousands of visitors.

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