Saturday, 14 February 2009


So another cloudy dull Saturday morning, but at least it was dry and the temperature was about +4c.
So I drove down to Godrevy and had a walk around the nature reserve(see next post) . On the way back I drove along the coast road, and stopped at Reskejeage Downs on the North cliffs where I took a few pics although it was very dull and overcast, as you can see in the last pic.
It was then on to Portreath, which is the nearest point on the Atlantic coast to my home.
This small harbour on the north coast has a long and varied history, Originally built to take the tin that was mined in the Redruth/Camborne area to the various processing area's in the UK.
The narrow entrance was only accessible at high tide and it took great skill to navigate into the harbour.
It was also used by the Pilchard fishermen who had a lookout in the white tower on lighthouse hill, when shoals of Pilchard were spotted offshore they would alert the fishing crews ,who put to sea to reap the harvest.
The port was last used about 25-30 years ago to bring coal to the West Cornwall area, today its a few small fishing boats and leisure craft.
Although the beach is deserted today, during the summer its very popular with locals and visitors

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