Monday, 9 February 2009


So Here we are back at Monday and the beginning of another week's toil, the weekends seem to fly by.
After a reasonable day on Saturday, Sunday was back to normal grey skies and rain. Still did manage a couple of hours wet birding, with half a dozen year ticks for the log.
The log is an annual record of how many different species I have seen, I also keep a lifetime first log, and a garden log.
Tonight it's two bird images from Saturday which I was very pleased with, both were taken at Newlyn.
The first photo is of a Great Northern Diver also called Northern Loon which is a winter visitor around our coast. I like to think of it as the bird with the smiley face.
The second photo is a common juvenile Herring Gull, what appealed to me was the beautiful feather pattern's, they really stand out on this bird.
For the connoisseurs of photography sorry I could not get all the legs' in, but it was just behind a pile of old nets and ironwork on the quayside.
Well we have a big storm predicted for tonight so I guess it's batten down the hatches until the next time.

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