Tuesday, 3 March 2009


For tonight's Post I am going away from the nature theme and putting in another Hobby of mine. For about the last 22 years I have been a Radio Ham Operator, and made many friends all over the world. Every year in April Two friends and myself set up a special event station at Bass Point on the Lizard in a small museum dedicated to the Italian Radio Pioneer Marconi who used this original hut for test transmissions to Nighton on The Isle of Wight. All of the original equipment is still in the hut just as it was almost 100 years ago. This event is is held every year to celebrate Marconi's Birthday on April 25th and his radio achievement's, about 50+ stations from Marconi sites all over the world take part For anyone interested the station call on the day is GB4MBP, my callsign which I use from my home station is G4ZKH. If anyone is mad enough to Google this there is a short transmission recorded by an American Station in 1988 of one of my contacts. Following that there is a lot of information on the net about the event INTERNATIONAL MARCONI DAY. The museum at Bass Point is normally open to the public in the afternoons during the Summer (See National Trust for details), it is NOT open on the day of the event due to high cost of public liability insurance.
The three photo,s show the small wooden museum on the left and some of the internal equipment.
To my friend Eddy in Belgium hope this answers your question as to why I have not said I am a Radio Ham in my Profile.

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