Saturday, 7 March 2009


Great had a lie in this morning, got up around 6.45am had brekkie and decided to go down to St Gothian Sands NR. Drove over the top of Lanner Hill and dismay could not see the coast for fog. Plan "B"was put into place up to Stithians Res, got to Golden Lion Cutoff more fog, only place to go the hide's on the south cutoff. Not much from the main hide just Two Gt Crested Grebes and a couple of Tufted Duck's. So went to have a look at the feeders on the cutoff hide, things were a bit better with quite a few species visiting the food supply. Did not take many shots but managed to get a couple of decent pics of a male & female Reed Bunting that I have posted below. Got the post in early today as my wife and I are babysitting our Grandson tonight so won't have much time later.

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