Friday, 13 March 2009


Well here we are back at Friday once again,had quite a busy week and looking forward to the weekend. The weather has become a bit milder, a balmy 13c today and so my mind is drifting of towards the moth trap,and what delights it will hold this year. So yes you guessed it tonight's subjects are a couple of little beauty's, on the left is the Magpie Moth, I have had a number of these last year and they seem very common in this area. On the right is the Garden Tiger, this is the only one of these I have seen, this one was found on the floor at my workplace. Had to use flash on both of the images as the light was not good enough for natural photography. So tomorrow it will be time to dust off the trap charge up the battery and get ready for some early morning action.


  1. Great blog Monty.My interest in Moths started 12 months ago,I,m finding it hard going with the correct identications.I hope to display some soon.I,ll be crossing my fingers.

  2. Great blog monty.I love moths, hope to publish mine soon,still working on names. My interest in moths only started last year.