Friday, 20 March 2009


On leaving work last night it was a quick run down to the Hayle Estuary to see nine Cattle Egrets which have been dropping in late in the afternoon's for over a week. When I arrived another local birder was there and informed me they were out in the middle of the Estuary, setting up the scope I had good but distant views. We watched them for between five and ten minute's when suddenly all the birds in sight took to the air. So what caused this a Peregrine Falcon or maybe a Sparrowhawk,not so it was a Common Buzzard which only takes other bird's in rare cases. But it was still enough to give everything a fright, so grabbing my camera I hoped the would come closer for a few shot's. After circling around a couple of time,s they came right across in front of us at a distance, I managed to get a few record flight shots. Cattle Egrets are not resident in the UK at this time, but we have had good numbers occurring over the last Two years, so who knows. The first shot shows all nine in flight , and in the second shot I managed to get eight. After this they flew off to the south west and did not return. So now it's looking forward to the weekend for hopefully some more goodies as the wind has been East/ South East for a few days' and will hopefully push some migrant's across our area and maybe turn up a rarity or two. So to everyone who follows the Blog thank you and have a very enjoyable weekend


  1. A rare shot indeed. Perhaps the first ever of nine together in flight in the UK?

  2. Great capture indeed, lovely to see them all together. Cheers - mark