Tuesday, 24 March 2009


At last I can catchup on the weekends activity, firstly on Saturday I went to St Gothian Sands to check for any Migrant's did not find anything so decided to move on to the North Cliffs. I thought some real gliding specialists could have turned up, I was not disappointed on arrival there were 23 Fulmers putting on a fantastic gliding display.These birds glide along hugging the cliff face and sometimes drop their legs as if to land then turn and dive vertically down the cliff face The first pic's are of the Hells Mouth area and these are followed by the Fulmer flying display
Sunday it was down to the Lizard to find the Cornish Choughs a member of the crow family that have been breeding there for the past five years, we did manage to find two but unfortunately did not get any decent photo's. Then it was on to Kynance Cove to look for Dartford Warblers which breed at this location. Again we only managed to get a brief glimpse of a female disappearing over a hedge, it was quite windy and this species likes to stay under cover in windy conditions. Finally we stopped at Helston Boating Lake to look for the Ring Billed Gull I had missed on two previous visits. But Luck was with us and we spent an hour with this bird in glorious sunshine as these photo, show. So it turned out to be a good weekend.


  1. Well done Monty.We are going to try for the same three birds next weekend. Unlike you we generally dip on all of them.

  2. Fabulous... I really like Fulmars. Nice shots.

  3. Excellent group of Fulmers,great shots of Ring Billed Gull.