Monday, 30 March 2009


Sunday morning 05.30am crawled out of the bed like cyclops, one eye shut the other one just opened, who's idea was it to put the clocks forward an hour and deprive me of precious sleep. Right breakfast then wash and shave feel almost human again. Now its off to meet the lads for a mornings birding on good old Bodmin Moor, hence the reason for the wash & shave, did not want the locals up there to think The Beast of Bodmin Moor was on the loose again. Any way three of us today, so reached the Upper Fowey Valley at 07.30 to see if the Hawfinches were still around. But they did not show so may be they have moved on, But had a nice pair of Siskin (see first pic) also Marsh Tit, flash of a Sparrowhawk through the hedgerows. There were also a few Common Buzzards circling around. We also had a Redpoll fly over. Next it was off to Golitha Falls again to look for Nuthatch and Treecreeper, as Paul the third member of the group need this as a Cornwall Tick. Walking through the woods we had a brief view of a Mistle Thrush as it took of from the opposite bank (another year tick), Paul managed to get the Treecreeper + a few photo's. Mark and I found a pair of Nuthatches nest building in a tree hole, so spent some time photographing those, (see next photo). Finally we took a drive up around Minnions and North Hill hopefully looking for Red Kite or "please" God a Goshawk, but no such luck may be one day, still plenty of Buzzards to keep us looking. May go back again next weekend who knows maybe Crossbill, Redstart or a rare migrant (well I can dream cant I?).


  1. Great shots.. i know all about the cyclops in the a.m. lol.. thanks again for you visit Monts.. Yes a while back my husband and I decided to combine our blogs. He is a fantastic writer (I am bios;-)and we have been working on a book together, so we thought we would post together and see what people thought. for over a year though I did all of the posts.. almost every day.. that was very fun and rewarding, but it sure did take alot of time, so we have chosen to do things this way for now and it really seems to be working. ...stay warm and good luck with your goshawk, they are not an easy bird to see, let alone photograph.. but I am sure you will get it done and beautifully.