Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Well after a few will it won't it evenings I seem to have got most of my software conflict problems sorted out. My intention tonight was not to post another bird subject, but still having a few probs with the raw software on the G10,so the post about a local landmark will have to wait for a few more day's. So for tonight's post I have three pic's taken at Marazion on Sunday, First up is a little ball of fluff The Long Tailed Tit,to see these flitting through the trees picking off insects is a great sight. Second on the right is a Ring Plover these are quite common during Autumn and Winter IN Spring they move North to their breeding grounds. The last Picture is the Stonechat so called that when you hear its clicking call it's like someone hitting two stones together. This bird is an all year round resident especially in coastal areas.

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  1. The Ringed Plover looks great in its own environment. You found the best light Monty!