Sunday, 1 March 2009


What a day!! My birding pal Mark arrived at my house at 7am this morning and we set of for the 40 minute drive to the Upper Fowey Valley (Bottom Two Picture's) on Bodmin Moor to Look for a pair of Hawfinches that have been in the area, after about 20 minutes at the site Mark stated he had a Marsh Tit in the trees, but after closer inspection it turned out to be a real surprise as it was confirmed as Willow Tit and not only one but three.
Great news for me as it as a Lifer (Not seen before) and they are very rare in Cornwall.
Not long afterwards a Finch flew into a tree at the back of the copse and was right away seen to be a Female Hawfinch(Dance for joy another Lifer) things don't get much better than this.
So After sticking around for an hour and only getting distant shots of the Hawfinch, we decided to head for Golitha Falls (top two picture's) to look for Treecreeper.
After parking the car we took the footpath along the banks of the river, looking high into the trees for our quarry.
Mark then called I have a Red Kite here flying high to the East. We managed to get brief but good views of it.
OK I think I have covered the rest of the morning in the next post.

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